Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case in 2020

iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case

If you are always finding yourself with a low battery problem, then it may be the right time to upgrade into a battery case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max! Throughout the years of using a mobile phone, it is undeniable that humans have become too attached to their gadgets that some of us feel disconnected from the world if we don’t have it with us. Personally, I don’t like seeing the “Low Battery” notification on my phone. I feel so limited like I can’t use my phone the way I want to because it doesn’t have sufficient power. That’s why I bought a power bank for myself so I will always have extra power with me. The power bank was great but sometimes, it was a hassle to bring around because I have to bring a bag to put it in. That’s when I began researching other options and came across the battery case.

What do I like about the battery case?

First, I like the iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case because you have extra power if ever you find yourself with a low battery. The number of charges the case can give you depends on your bought. You can bring it around with you anywhere you go because it is literally attached to your phone.

Second, as I said, it is attached to your phone so you don’t have to bring an extra bag or a wire so you can connect the phone for it to charge. I believe most battery cases just ask you to flip or flick a switch then it begins to charge the phone.

Third, it has a lot of purposes. Since it is first and foremost a case, you can keep your phone protected from external forces as well. The level of protection of the case will depend on exactly what case you will buy. That’s why you need to think it over and be sure that what you are going to buy is worth it.

Here are Top iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case in 2020

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

You can purchase Best Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max case for 79.90 US DOLLARS from Amazon and because it exceeds the minimum of 35.00 US DOLLARS, you get free shipping! This battery case has a 3,500mAh power sleeve that is removable. For your phone’s protection, you get a dual-layer inner case so that it can properly protect your phone. It’s so easy to use the case, you will just have to slide it in. You will be able to use the case with or without the battery sleeve.

The case will be able to detect if you have already reached 100% in your phone’s battery. It will stop charging so that you will still have power left in the case for future charging. It can be shipped anywhere in the US but sadly, it’s not eligible for international shipping. With a case like this, you can be sure that you are always full and always on the go. If you don’t want to use it anymore and would opt for a slimmer feel to your phone, all you need to do is to slide it off the keep it in a safe place.

You will have at least an 85% increase in your battery life.

OtterBox Resurgence Power Case

Otterbox is not only known for its tough armor cases but also for their battery cases. Take a look at this case:

With this battery case, you will never feel anxious about seeing that low battery notification. You will have peace of mind that you will always stay connected. Aside from helping to double your battery life, since Otterbox is known first and foremost for their tough protective cases, this case has been also equipped with protective qualities. Your device is protected from the everyday wear and tear that it might encounter. The built-in battery has a 2,600mAh battery power, and it also has the auto-stop charge when your battery is already at 100% so you don’t overcharge and waste power. The circle above the Otterbox name is the charge status led. It displays the power left in the case so you will always be aware and will be able to budget your battery consumption properly.

You can purchase this case for 99.95 US DOLLARS.

Those are some of the iPhone battery cases available in the market for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you want more, why don’t you subscribe to us so you can get daily alerts in your e-mail every time we post something new. Through this, you won’t be the last one to know about new information when it comes to gadgets. If you have any questions or comments, we would be really happy to cater to your needs. Just send us a message or leave a comment below.  Don’t forget to share with your friends and family so they can stay connected as well!

50+ Best Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases and Covers with New Designs in 2020

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

More and more people are now willing to spend bucks on the best iPhone 11 Pro Max case in order to protect their phones with a kickstand or not from any damages. Most iPhone users nowadays treat their phones like it’s an extension of themselves, as it is human nature to preserve oneself.

Who could blame them for wanting to do that when your phone can now hold your entire life? It is accessible. It is handy. You can store blocks of data you need for your everyday life. Of course, the more your phone can do, the more expensive it gets. So I put together a list of 50+ of the best Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max below plus my recommendation so you can choose the one you that best fits you and your needs.

For me, my phone is an investment. Although sadly its value doesn’t increase over time, it does, however, aid you in things you need to do in your life. With multiple apps to choose from – calorie count apps, exercise apps, blogging apps, banking apps, and a lot more – you can do work with just a swipe of your finger. Personally, I could never leave my home without my phone. It just feels so incomplete. My phone is like my friend and you know what, my friend deserves the best protection I can give it. Maybe yours needs one too.

You Know Using case and covers is the best way to keep your phone clean as well it protects your iPhone 11 Pro Max from several damages, as use cases and covers can protect your phone from the smash and falling down on a hard surface. It is seen that many of the iPhone owners make a mistake of not using cases or covers for their iPhone which in terms become a major problem of their iPhone because many times the owners drop their phone accidentally. So here is a list I compiled from the internet of the best Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max cases in 2020.

The Best Apples iPhone 11 Pro Max Case and Covers

Using cases and covers for your iPhone is much necessary, as it is about the protection of your own property, so don’t make the mistake of not using the cases and covers for your iPhone since this will help you to keep your phone clean and better. As I had been talking about the iPhone 11 Pro Max cases and covers today basically I would discuss the iPhone 11 Pro Max case and covers throughout this article, so go through the article to know about the Latest Design of iPhone 11 pro max cover apple in 2020.

LifeProof frē Case

LifeProof frē for iPhone 11 pro max is the thinnest, lightest, strongest all-protective case ever created. frē delivers the water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof protection you expect from LifeProof, and so much more. Every feature has been designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone 11 pro max -touch screen, camera, buttons, microphones, and speakers. The incredibly low profile adds a mere 1.5 mm to each edge, and the sleek silhouette showcases your iPhone 11 pro already legendary design. LifeProof is deeply committed to creating products that excel in every dimension. True to that commitment, we designed frē -the world’s smartest case for the world’s smartest phone.

  • Water Proof – submergible to 6.6? (2m) for up to 30 minutes
  • Dirt Proof – totally sealed against minute dirt & dust ingress
  • Snow Proof -fully enclosed to keep melting snow, sleet and ice out
  • Shock Proof -withstands drop impacts from up to 6.6? (2m)
  • Acoustics: Exclusive? Sound Enhancement System? delivers maximum sound output and clarity

Personalized iPhone Case

Show off your own style with a sleek and customization case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Combining luxury with ultimate protection, this fitted hard plastic case is covered with an easy-to-grip special fabric that is richly printed with your favorite design/image. This lightweight and durable custom case allows optimal access to all sensors, ports, and controls on your iPhone 11 Pro Max while offering superior comfort in-hand. Compatible with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T models of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 custom case offers the perfect fit for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

A unique custom color printing process, this personalized iPhone case will look wonderful with your own style. No matter where you use it, this cool customizable iPhone case will look awesome and create a perfect way to protect your iPhone.

kate spade iPhone 11 pro max case

The best iPhone case brands snap on the protector. Great protection against damage such as dings and scratches. The case is molded perfect-fit for the iPhone. Full body protection. The protector covers the back, left and right side. Smart design allows total accessing to all functions and buttons without removing your cell phone from the protector case. Easy to install. Simply snap on and enjoy!

  • It is durable and made of high-quality materials.
  • Close fit for ultimate protection from dirt, dust, and debris.
  • fully Cool and unique design that can not be found anywhere else!
  • It is one complete set that separates into 3 hard plastic

Swipe Wallet Case:

Swipe wallet case is one of the best cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, this ideal swipe case has several excellent features to go with, Covering iPhone 11 Pro Max with ideal swipe case you would not require opening your iPhone, here you can access the answering function on the front of the case itself this will allow you to reply your call by just swiping your finger.

This iPhone 11 pro max wallet case is very well designed where you can see the time, as well as use music player and access, call for you since the case is designed where you can use the display onto the front of it, on the side of ideal swipe case you would observe two buttons which are hidden.

Omaker Bumper Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max:

Omaker Bumper case is a flexible case, this case fits very well with your iPhone 11 Pro Max and comfortable to carry. Every corner of this case is shatterproof which saves the iPhone from any kind of damage, this case has got a button covers for the volume as well the power.

Omaker bumper is designed brilliantly, where you will find cut out for all the ports of iPhone 11 Max Pro.

Moshi Sense Cover Case:

Moshi dense cover is a good case cover for iPhone 11 Pro Max, this case cover has a cut off in the front part of it which allows its users to do lots of function like answering the calls, rejecting the calls or else seeing time and different others functions, it also has a cut off on the part of the camera and on the below part of the apple logo.

This case is a smart case that opens the door, and it can be folded towards the back. Basically, you can find this type of case having black, white and pink colors on the body of it.

Rokform Sport v3 Case for iPhone

People who love going on adventures is going to love this case as it prides itself on being rugged. Rokform offers you a case that’s not only easy to install via the quick-snap installation that’s built in the case but also admirable protection for your phone in the form of a high-impact polycarbonate frame. It also has a system that will allow you to attach it to anything from your car’s dashboard to the handlebars of your bicycle. The magnetic backing and coupled adapter make this all possible. Offering 7 lovely colors to suit your personality and style.

Rhinoshield Crash Guard iPhone 11 Pro Max

From the name itself, RhinoShield Crash Guard, it gives away the purpose of the cases which is to guard your phone against crashes. And the name of the manufacturer sort of acts like a cherry on top of a sundae. Available in different attractive colors, the case is made from a custom formulated polymer that provides more than  90% of its impact-absorbing capability. It’s structure – protective honeycomb – is similar to that of a beehive that will add 10%-15% of overall impact absorbency. Airbag dispersion compartments found in the honeycomb seal the deal as it is pressurized air that acts as well, an airbag that deflects impact energy. With its matte finish, it enhances the grip lessening the chancing of you dropping it.

PureGear DualTek Case

Are you clumsy? Do you almost always find yourself dropping your phone? Then I suggest you get a PUREGEAR DUALTEK CASE that will really really protect your phone from constant impact. This case from PureGear meets the military standards in drop testing which is quite impressive. With it’s reinforced corners it can bear the brunt of any impact. You will see that this case has additional grips on the sides to prevent you from dropping it. It is available in colors: white and grey, or black and grey.

Vesel Wood Series Bumper:

This case is just awesome to go with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is designed with the metal adding aluminum in similar shades which are placed by different colors of plastic on the joint of it, this case is also included the wood for the better protection of iPhone.

The top and bottom of this case come in with silver or darker aluminum also there are aluminum button covers here in this case. Here, in this case, you would not find the protection for front and back, but the frame of this case is large enough to protect the screen and camera lens as it will not be touching the surface even if you drop the iPhone 11, Pro Max, by mistake. Vesel wood series bumper is designed in a stylish manner which will be real math on your hand, also will protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max in a much better way.

These are some of the iPhone 11 Pro Max case and covers which are designed for the protection of iPhone 11 Pro Max, covering iPhone 11 pro max with this kind of cases and cover will bring much attraction to the look as well as it will save the cleaners of the iPhone for a long time.

Damaging the mobiles and smartphones by the falling down of it mistakenly is the common problem which most of the people faced, so it avoids such kind of problem you must put a cover on them, as covering them will protect your cell phone of crashes even though they had been fallen from your hand mistakenly.

My Recommendation!

Hold up a second! Now, I know that there are tons of what others consider as the best iPhone 11 Pro Max case, but these are my top 50 iPhone Cases choices. Not only are they a bit on the affordable side but it seems like they fit their job well without letting you put out a lot of cash.

I personally recommend the iPhone 11 pro max lifeproof case if you are on a budget right but you can always get the #1 case at the top of this page anytime. Why? Because it is waterproof, shockproof, snow proof, and dirt proof and it is cheaper than another phone case. It also has a kickstand. You can see why this case will protect your iPhone 11 pro max from almost anything nature throws your way. I do hope you come to know about some of this mention covers and the case for iPhone 11 Pro Max after going through this article, thank you and have a nice day.